Foundations of Unified Therapy™

As part of a blended approach to training, Foundations of Unified Therapy™ is the online prerequisite to the training required to learn the basic concepts and principles of this unique therapeutic approach and to becoming a Unified Therapy Practitioner (UTP).  Once you have received your certificate for the online training, you are eligible to participate in live hands-on workshops at the Evolutionary Healing Institute to complete your UTP training.

Unified Therapy™

A New and Promising Model for Healing
Pain Disorders, Anxiety, PTSD
Sports Injuries

Treatment of traumatic stress, anxiety, depression, addictions and even unexplained chronic pain is highly complex and even the best therapists need years of clinical practice and research to discover effective, reproducible treatment methods.

Dr Paul Canali, along with his colleagues at the Evolutionary Healing Institute have spent over 30 years in the study of trauma biology and the human condition and as a result, Dr Canali has designed a comprehensive, reproducible, highly integrated, effective treatment approach called Unified Therapy™.  Results on thousands of patients over the last few decades have been remarkable and most importantly – reproducible.

Dr Canali has trained Unified Therapy Practitioners (UTP) in the Miami area for many years and now is offering a blended program where you can learn the Foundations of Unified Therapy™ virtually to gain a foundational knowledge of this treatment approach – concepts that you can implement immediately in your practice.

Unified Therapy™ is not based on a particular technique, but on unifying principles across a variety of healing disciplines.

The online program is flexible – take individual courses on a variety of topics or enroll in the full program and be eligible to participate in our on-site workshops.  Completion of our on-site training and internships result in a designation of Unified Therapy™ Practitioner (UTP).

For more information about Unified Therapy™, please take our FREE course – Introduction to Unified Therapy™.

Package Plan – includes all of the above courses and the final exam at a discounted package price.  Successful completion of all courses and the final exam will result in a Certification of Completion.

Courses – can be purchased individually and are part of the Foundations of Unified Therapy™ certification track.  Successful completion of all courses and the final exam will result in a Certification of Completion.


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