An Introduction to Unified Therapy™

Unified Therapy™ is a systemic or whole-body approach that activates the body’s self-healing abilities to release stress and restore balance to the nervous system, leading to higher levels of health and well-being while healing a variety of chronic conditions.  This comprehensive, interactive, body~brain~mind approach addresses the etiology or cause of conditions rather than simply managing and treating symptoms.  It not only has the capacity to treat multiple conditions at once, but also prevents vulnerability to future occurrences.

Developed by Dr Paul J Canali of the Evolutionary Healing Institute, Miami, Florida, Unified Therapy™ compliments and can be integrated with other traditional and non-traditional healing practices.

This course discusses the basic concepts of Unified Therapy™  along with some real-world applications.


Course Information

Estimated Time: 2 hours

Difficulty: Beginner

Course Instructors

Dr Paul Canali Dr Paul Canali Instructor

Evolutionary Healing Institute, Miami, Florida ~~ As the founder of Unified Therapy™, a highly effective and reproducible brain-body treatment, Dr Canali has helped thousands of patients address not only the psychological effects of toxic stress, pain, and trauma, but for the first time, deeply etched neurological aspects of the brain and body.

Jim Fazio, LMT, CSI, UTP Jim Fazio, LMT, CSI, UTP Contributor

Integrative Bodywork, Inc, Rockledge, Florida ~~ Jim is a compassionate and dedicated multi-disciplinary Neuromuscular Fascial Therapist who has been in private practice in Brevard County, Florida since 1995. He brings both personal experience and clinical knowledge to his work as a Unified Therapy™ Practitioner.

Mary P Parker Mary P Parker Course Designer

Computer Management Corp, Cocoa, Florida ~~ Engaged in the development and delivery of multimedia training, certification programs and LMS management, Mary designs our courses and developed our website. She has been an instructor for a variety of adult learning programs, both on-site and online since 1983.

Introduction to Unified Therapy™

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