Course Development

Computer Management Corporation offers you the best in multimedia training and certification programs for you and your organization. Our production team’s combined experience in corporate and small businesses, non-profit organizations, and workforce development provide a unique blend of expertise in business operations, staff training, and instructional design.

Icon - 1447530918_HP-Monitor-Wall2-Dock-512We can customize an e-learning solution to meet your training needs!  By using the best e-learning tools – we deliver a fulfilling learner experience that fosters interaction and learner development. Each solution is created to engage users in a way that will change their behavior and archive the training experience in long-term memory.  We do this through fun, interactive learning exercises, simulations, and role-plays that provide every opportunity to practice and learn.

We can convert your existing power point presentations, videos, audio files, or other materials to an engaging, high-quality multimedia format, or we can work with you from scripting and storyboarding to the final production for a truly unique presentation!

Redefine professional development with a virtual training center that works for you – regardless of location, time of day or night, the area of study or method of delivery. Our online training solutions provide continuous online learning across a multitude of supported mobile devices and subject categories.

Don’t have an LMS to host your courses?  We can build one for you!  Just ask us!

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