Picker Packer 3: Transportation and Logistics

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Welcome to Picker Packer 3: Transportation and Logistics

A Picker Packer needs to familiar with the layout of the warehouse and where items are stored in order to be efficient when storing and retrieving items. As you move throughout the warehouse, you want to avoid running from one end to the other and back again as you are filling your orders. This course will discuss techniques used to keep you – and your inventory – organized.

Methods of transporting items throughout the warehouse and equipment used will be discussed as well.

Estimated Time: 2 hours

Difficulty: Beginner

Course Instructors

Mary P Parker Mary P Parker Instructor

Computer Management Corp, Cocoa, Florida ~~ Engaged in the development and delivery of multimedia training, certification programs and LMS management, Mary designs our courses and developed our website. She has been an instructor for a variety of adult learning programs, both on-site and online since 1983.

Pat Troy-Brooks Pat Troy-Brooks Instructor

The Workwise Group, Wilmington, Delaware ~~ Pat is a highly acclaimed workforce strategist, certified business & life coach, motivational speaker, and published author, with over 30 years of empowering people to create the lives they imagine through job readiness training, purposeful living, and life transitioning strategies.

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