Welcome 2022

Are you ready to offer your training programs virtually?

Since 2020, the online world has changed dramatically.  Entire companies began working from home and employees had to learn a variety of software applications to remain in touch with co-workers and clients.  Schools went online, businesses had to figure out how to provide their products and services online rather than on-site.  And who hasn’t used Zoom or Teams, whether at work or for connecting with family and friends?  Your students, clients, and employees now expect to be online!

As a result, businesses and trainers have realized the value of moving their in-person training to an online format. Online training is cost effective, provides consistency of knowledge, and is flexible in delivery, available 24/7.  As opposed to in-person classroom training where instructors deliver the same content many times, online allows you to “develop once, deliver many”.

So how do you create your own Online Training Center?

I’m not talking about just recording a Zoom session and throwing it up on You Tube of Vimeo or such. 

I’m talking about creating a Learning Management System (LMS) that allows you to:

Sell your courses (or select courses you want to offer for free)

Enroll Students and capture their contact information

View student progress

Include quizzes and assignments

Provide student transcripts

Award certificates

And more…

Computer Management Corp can take your training materials and convert to an engaging online format along with setting up and managing an LMS for you.  This website is a demo site to give you an understanding of some of the things we can do for you!